Functional Web Testing

Web testing explores website functionality, reliability, and site performance to ensure a site or distributed web-based application works as intended for users. Web based applications are becoming more and more complex and as new features are released, unintended issues might arise. As a result, a complete function test is required to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

Customized Reporting

We understand that we can collect metrics galore, but if we're unable to present that data in a meaningful way it's a complete waste. As a result, we've developed a way to allow you to create your own customized charts and graphs to allow you to display the data that's most important to you.

Complex Operation 
Simplistic Controls

We've put a layer of abstraction above Selenium to provide improved controls over metric gathering. This gives us the ability to use an abstracted configuration file AND add functionality that basic Selenium doesn't support, all while allowing us to produce detailed metrics for every single action taken during a web test.

Enterprise Level Tooling

High quality tooling should not only be available to large corporations. JstVerify was originally built to fulfill a need of our own. Wasting hundreds of man-hours a month was simply costing us too much money and we needed something to do the core of the work for us while also giving us greater visibility into potential problems.

Chrome Extension

JstVerify provides a browser extension for Chrome that allows you to record operations simply by interacting with your website as you normally would. Just install our extension in your browser and click the toolbar icon after browsing to your website to start recording a test scenario.

Record A Test

Our extension records your interactions and dynamically builds out a configuration file for you. You can then add actions that will be checked to determine if the test has passed or failed. Once done you can upload the configuration file directly to JstVerify from within the extension.

Start Testing

Once uploaded, you can make changes or tweaks from within the JstVerify Dashboard config builder. Once you're happy with the test configuration file, you can run a test to generate your first report prior to integrating it with your CI/CD pipeline.